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Park Ranger History Banner

2010's - Present

    The Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board implements a revised charter that reshapes membership to be comprised primarily of Park Rangers, with some additional advisory members.

    A national Visitor and Park Ranger Safety Survey is sponsored by the Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board and administered to Park Rangers by Michigan State University.

    The Park Manager component of the national Visitor and Park Ranger Safety Survey is accomplished with results analyzed by Michigan State University.

    While issuing a citation for an alcohol violation, a Lake Sidney Lanier Park Ranger deploys pepper spray in response to an attack by an individual. The attacker is arrested and charged. He pleads guilty to assaulting the Ranger. Due to this incident, the State of Georgia changes the state law to cover COE Park Rangers in case of attack.

    Mesh personal protection training is introduced into the NRM Visitor Assistance Course #147, teaching students techniques to use while engaging with an aggressor in an attack situation.

    While closing a park area at Lake Sidney Lanier, a Park Ranger is accidently shot by an individual who was in the act of committing suicide. The Ranger makes a full recovery.

    The NRM Visitor Assistance Course #147 expands to a full 40 hours to cover additional personal protection training techniques.

    An annual USACE Park Ranger Safety Survey is implemented to obtain feedback from the CoP on a yearly basis, enabling CoP leadership to better observe and respond to trends regarding employee perceptions of safety and operational concerns within the Natural Resources Management (NRM) program.

    Current Park Ranger Badge

    Luke Navarro Cordell Hull Lake, Nashville District

    Ranger Ashley Webster Cordell Hull Lake, Nashville District

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