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Fast Facts

    The Army Corps manages: 800 coastal navigation projects, 400 miles of coastal structures, 12 million acres of lands & waters, 450 major lakes with 400 million visitors annually, 275 locks, 12,000 miles of inland waterways, 8500 miles of levees, and 299 deep draft harbors.

    Economic Benefits include: Supporting US Ports and harbors that contribute $783 billion to the Nation's Gross Domestic Product, and $1.6 trillion in business sales annually. Supporting waterways that transport goods and services across the country while producing 800,000 jobs, $1.7 billion in payroll and over $425 million in payroll taxes. Constructing flood control structures that have prevented $706 billion in river and coastal flood damage, with most of that in the last 25 years. Recreation projects that contribute $15 billion annually to the economy and 500,000 jobs. Serving as the largest operator of hydroelectric power plants in the US by providing 100 billion kilowatt-hours annually, enough power to serve more than 10 million households. Supplying water that contributes $800 million to the economy each year.

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