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Challenge Partnership Program Policy & Procedures

Challenge Partnership Program - Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-500, dated 27 December 1996 revised 1 June 2006
      Project Operations - Partners and Support (Work Management Guidance and Procedures)
      • Chapter 12, Challenge Partnerships
      • Appendix T, Sample Challenge Partnerships Financial Work Sheet
      • Appendix U, Sample Challenge Partnerships Agreement
        This applies for both Appendices U and T. In 2002, the name of the Challenge Costsharing Program was changed to the Challenge Partnership Program. Until the regulation is updated, the examples cannot be changed. When drafting one of these documents, please replace the word "Costsharing" with "Partnership."

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 1130-2-500, dated 27 December 1996 revised 1 June 2006
      Project Operations - Partners and Support (Work Management Policies)
        This regulation establishes the policy for the management of operation and maintenance activities of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) personnel performing civil works functions related to flood control, navigation, dredging, hydroelectric power generation, environmental stewardship, and recreation services at water resource, waterway, and other USACE projects.

    Policy Letter

    • Policy Letter, dated 3/30/18
      Implementation Guidance for Section 1155 of WRDA 2016
        This memorandum provides implementation guidance for Section 1155 of WRDA 2016. This section amended Section 225 of WRDA 225 (33 USC 2328) by authorizing the Secretary to enter into Challenge Cost Sharing Cooperative Management Agreements with non-Federal public entities to collect and retain user fees for the use of developed recreation sites and facilities, whether developed or constructed by that entity or the Department of the Army, and reinvest collected fees at the site at which the fees are collected. Section 1155 further authorized participating public entities to use any visitor reservation service that the Secretary of the Army has provided for by contract or interagency agreement.

    Public Law Regulation

    • 33 USC 2328, WRDA 1992, Challenge Cost-Sharing Program for the Management of Recreational Facilities, Section 225, October 31, 1992

      Section 225 of this law authorized the Secretary of the Army to enter into cooperative agreements with non-Federal public and private entities to provide for operation and/or management and development of recreation facilities and natural resources at water resource development projects where such facilities are being maintained at full Federal expense.

      This also authorized the Secretary of the Army to accept contributions of funds, materials, and services from non-Federal public and private entities. If your cooperating association wants to contribute funds to the Corps, refer to the Contributions Program section of the Gateway.

    Other Policy

     Corps Castle Item is restricted to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CAC required. Document will open in a new window.

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