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OMBIL - Recreation Headquarters' Perspective Banner

Headquarters' Perspective

    OMBIL is an executive information system, residing on CEAP, and containing data regarding the Corps O&M business programs. It replaces the Natural Resources Management System (NRMS), as well as other data collection and maintenance systems currently in use. The information is centrally available at all Corps levels, with the goal being to enter corporate data only once into a reporting and data collecting system. You may learn more about OMBIL by visiting the OMBIL Website at /. The Recreation component of OMBIL was deployed nationwide in March 2001. Following that initial deployment, improvements were made to the recreation component of OMBIL, and a secondary deployment was initiated. The suspense for all data input was June 2002. OMBIL information is now being used for a number of applications, such as reporting performance measures to OMB, updating data for, providing recreation information to various travel publications and campground guides, providing basic information for the Accessibility Data Management System and for the Value to the Nation website.

    District and Division POCs have been designated for the recreation component of OMBIL. A User's Group (see Table 10), consisting of division, district and project representatives, has been established to provide support and assistance to the program. Users should contact their district POC and/or their User's Group member for assistance with OMBIL for recreation.

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