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    Memos & Suspenses

    Native American Environmental/Cultural Resource PROSPECT Course
    Native American Environmental/Cultural Resource Training PROSPECT #950 just received a letter of endorsement from the ASA's office and the Chief is working on sending out an endorsement. The training is held at two different areas of the country. It is available as a Prospect course or a group of people could contract on their own for a class.
    LTG Van Antwerp's endorsement

    New Heritage Tourism Partnering Guidance for Federal Agencies
    The ACHP has posted new guidance on its Web site to help Federal agencies in meeting their responsibilities under Executive Order 13287 to partner to promote heritage tourism in local communities. The guidance provides recommendations for both Federal land managers and Federal assistance agencies, and highlights innovative initiatives and success stories.

    In the Light of Reverence
    A number of you have asked about obtaining the Native American-related film "In the Light of Reverence". Ordering information is available from the producer, Bullfrog Films.

    Steve Austin posted a note last year about this film being shown on PBS "Point of View" (P.O.V.) - it occasionally is shown locally by the various PBS stations as filler. It is an excellent work. Goto for info.

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