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North American Waterfowl Management Program Headquarters' Perspective Banner

Headquarters' Perspective

    The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) is a U.S./Canada/Mexico strategy to restore declining waterfowl populations. The Corps joined Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) in a cooperative agreement to review Corps projects to identify opportunities to help attain plan goals, and to exchange information with FWS.

    A national database was created to track progress in meeting agreement provisions and provides a Corps-wide inventory of existing and potential wetlands habitat development or improvement sites. The results of the project review have been summarized in a Final Report, which was distributed to the field and FWS for their information and use. The report indicates that the Corps is responsible for over 3.5 million acres of habitat, which meets the NAWMP criteria of significant waterfowl use. Of those, more than 1.4 million acres are located within the five NAWMP, High Priority Areas of Major Concern. The Corps, at the end of 1992, was responsible for 8.8% of acreage (1.7 million acres) within NAWMP designated Joint Venture Areas.

    Corps participation in NAWMP Joint Venture Implementation Plans is encouraged where appropriate and within Corps authority, to further the goals of the NAWMP. The Challenge Cost Share/Donations authority, and the Section 1135 (Ecosystem Restoration) authority should be pursed to expand opportunities.

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