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Lewis and Clark Task Force Banner

Task Forces

    There have been four task forces established at HQ for the purpose of working on various aspects of the Lewsi and Clark (L&C) Bicentennial. Two of the task forces (Information and Mapping) were convened in response to a request from the Federal Interagency Committee. Another task force (Army Brochure) is working with the Department of the Army. The last task force (Discovery Box) is working on a specific Corps project.

    These task forces have completed their assignments and will be deauthorized pending receipt of their final reports.

    Information TF Line Divider Mapping TF Line Divider Army Brochure TF Line Divider Discovery Box TF

    Information Task Force

      Julie Ziino, MVS
      Sue Clevenstine, MVR
      Paige Cruz, LRH
      Julie Price, NWO
      Dave Dankle, NWW

    This group was tasked with developing a single map/information brochure that would be mailed to any public request for information on the L&C Bicentennial by all Federal agencies.

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    Mapping Task Force:

      Jerry Gray, NWS
      Kim Penner, NWK
      Russ Somsen, NWO
      Paul Flamm, NWK
      Tom Seiner, NWW

    One of the biggest fears that the Federal agencies had early in the planning phase of the bicentennial was that every agency would develop an L&C map for the bicentennial. Basically all of the maps would look the same with the exception of the agency logo in the bottom corner. This group is working with the Federal Interagency Mapping subcommittee to provide the mapping information that currently exists within various offices of the Corps. The information is being provided for the development of a data base of all available Federal map products along the entire route taken by L&C. If an agency desires to produce a map that is specific to that agency, all of the mapping information obtained from all of the agencies would be available for use.

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    Army Brochure Task Force

      Craig Lykins, NWS
      Rachel Garren, MVS
      Scott Moore, NWW
      Alana Kirkpatrick, NWS
      Chuck Parrish, LRL

    This task force has been working to develop a prototype of a Lewis and Clark brochure that can be used by all Commands and agencies within the Department of the Army. This brochure would contain not only the L&C story but how the Army played an important role in the expedition. In addition, it is planned that the brochure would contain sidebars that would give each of the Commands and agencies a forum to discuss their beginnings, current mission, and their relationship to the L&C Expedition.

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    Discovery Box Task Force

      Ray Nelson, MVS
      Rick Magee, NAE
      Ed Shirley, SWF
      Susan Kline, LRP

    This group is putting together an education box that relates specifically to the Lewis and Clark expedition. This interpretive tool would be available for use by ranger staff for campground programs, school programs, and special events. The task force has met with several Federal, State, and local entities regarding the design and contents of the various boxes already in existence.

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