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Good Enough to Share

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  • If you have a Good Enough to Share submission, please email it to

    How to Save NRRS Training Videos to a CD
    Right click on the video you are wanting to save to a cd
    Select Save Target As
    Save target to youre My Document folder
    Once you have all the video's you are wanting on the cd saved into your "My Document" folder.
    Left click on Start in the lower left hand corner of your screen
    Select All Programs
    Click Roxio Creater DE
    Slide over and click Projects
    Click Data
    Roxio Creator DE window will appear
    Click Add Data
    Once all the files you want on the CD have been added
    Click red button in lower right corner
    It will automatically start to record to the CD in the drive
    Once the recording is completed the disk will pop out
    Push CD drive back in
    Go back into the Roxio Creator DE window
    Click Tools
    Click Finalize (Finalizing will make the cd readable in all computers, failure to do this step may result in the cd not working in all computers)

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