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Environment Stewardship Budget Evaluation SysTem (E-S BEST)

Environment-Stewardship Budget Evaluation SysTem (E-S BEST)

Headquarters Program: Stewardship Advisory Team

NOTE: Starting with FY18 Environment Stewardship budget build in 2016, we use ES CWIFD (Environmental Stewardship Civil Works Integrated Funding Database) which is a Sub Module of CWIFD. Please select the link below to be directed to ES CWIFD webpage:

Environment Stewardship Civil Works Integrated Funding Database (ES CWIFD)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environment-Stewardship Budget Evaluation SysTem (E-S BEST) is an online tool to assist the Corps in achieving Environmental Stewardship Program objectives, meeting Administration goals of measuring performance against strategic objectives, and linking performance to budget. It is intended to provide a means for quantifying performance outputs toward the performance measures used for development of the Environment-Stewardship O&M budget, as well as ranking incremental Environment-Stewardship budget packages in a consistent manner throughout the Corps. The online format allows for easy access by personnel at all levels of the organization for data input and analysis and minimizes the potential for error. A centrally managed program enhances data compilation and tool changes or upgrades.