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Stewardship Advisory Team Current Issues/Working Groups Banner

Current Issues/Working Groups

    Funding Needs and Opportunities - This working group has been tasked with defining short-term funding needs for the Stewardship Support Program (SSP). Current recommendations include the development of descriptions/ status of nationally important resources, such as migratory birds, on Corps project lands and waters; or the development of tools to ramp-up Level I inventories of natural resources at Corps projects.

    • Joe Sigrest- Proponent
    • Maurice Simpson
    • Jeff Krause
    • Paul Peloquin

    OMBIL - The OMBIL working group has been tasked with facilitating the process of bringing information relative to the Environment- Stewardship Business function on-line. Portions of the natural resources stewardship component of OMBIL have been developed since 1997. This group will work on updating the past work to facilitate module implementation and to fit the needs of natural resources management field personnel.

    • Jonathan Davis - Proponent
    • Paul Peloquin
    • Don Wiese
    • Jeff Krause

    Performance Measures - Through recent initiatives by OMB, all Federal agencies are reviewing their performance measures to become more results-oriented. Existing performance measures for the Environment- Stewardship business function do not adequately capture the efforts and results of the Corps stewardship program. This working group will assist in the development of more appropriate and results-based measures that will better define our total stewardship outputs and efficiencies.

    • Don Wiese - Proponent
    • Larry Bogue
    • Gary Swenson
    • Phil Turner

    Gateway - The Natural Resources Management (NRM) Gateway has become a valuable tool for the NRM community by providing a one-stop shop for an extensive list of resources. To date, the Gateway has implemented an extensive list of recreation and project operation resources. This working group will assist in the development of a Gateway framework for Environment-Stewardship functions, seek subject matter experts, develop content, and provide numerous links to important outside resources which provide information to address stewardship needs.

    • Mike Loesch - Proponent
    • Jonathan Davis
    • Angie Huebner - Technical Coordinator
    • Ismael Cabellero
    • Calvin Foster

    These working groups represent a few of the initial focus areas for the Stewardship Advisory Team (SAT). The SAT is your link to the progress of our environmental stewardship future and we welcome any and all comments. Please send your comments concerning the Stewardship Support Program efforts to the SAT member(s) that represent your local or regional area.

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