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Recreation Program Performance Improvement Initiative (RPPII)

DISCLAIMER: This page contains archived information of a program and/or policy that has been superseded or is currently inactive. It is posted for reference only. You may experience broken links since we do not maintain hyperlinks on archived pages.

The Recreation Program Performance Improvement Initiative (RPPII) is designed as a multi-year long-range plan to address the Recreation Business Program challenges in providing recreation opportunities at a consistent, affordable and acceptable level as defined by performance metrics. Constrained budgets require a focus on efficiency to assure the maximum value is realized for the dollars spent. The RPPII will produce comprehensive, consistent process and procedure to evaluate the current performance status of the recreation program at the project or recreation area level; identify opportunities for improvement; select an appropriate, effective strategy to improve performance; and to evaluate the results upon implementation. RPPII products will be tested at one or more demonstration lakes prior to release for general use.

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