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Operations Project Managers are responsible for completing natural resource inventories on Corps civil works projects. Natural resources inventories data shall be completed for all project lands, including outgrants, at Corps civil works projects in order to provide quantitative and qualitative data for use in determining resource management needs. There are two types of inventories, Level one and Level two.

Level one inventories are of a general nature and will be conducted to provide baseline information. This data will be used to support the resource objectives and land use classifications. Level one inventories shall be conducted in sufficient detail to determine general plant and animal composition, acreage of dominant vegetation types, soil types, land use capabilities and the presence of special status species and their critical habitat occurring on project lands and waters. The level one inventory shall in most cases be accomplished using available existing information that is readily available from a variety of sources.

Level two inventories are prepared in support of the resource objectives and/or land use classifications identified. These inventories are required for the effective development, execution, and evaluation of specific natural resources management prescriptions.

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