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Economic Impact Analysis Banner

Economic Impact Analysis

Headquarters Program: Recreation Management Support Program

Visitors to Corps lakes spent $13 billion in 2006 on trip related expenses such as gas, food and lodging within and outside of the local communities surrounding Corps lakes, which directly supported 125,000 jobs and generated $5.1 billion in value added (includes wages & salaries + payroll benefits + profits and rents + indirect business taxes) to the nation. With multiplier effects, this spending supported 250,000 jobs and generated $16 billion in value added to the nation’s economy. This figure includes $8 billion trip spending in local communities, resulting in 105,000 jobs and $3.9 billion in value added to the local economies. In addition to trip spending, $5 billion was spent by visitors on durable goods such as boats and camping equipment, which directly and indirectly supported 95,000 jobs and provided $6.4 billion in value added to the nation.

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