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Corps Policy

    District or division MUST approve any social media sites in writing so check your local District or Division for their policy.

    Agency-authorized accounts can only be established under authorization from agency head or delegated official (e.g. local public affairs chief). Content on these sites must reflect government policy and not contain political or discriminatory content or endorse nonfederal entities. Employees authorized to establish an agency account must receive training on the scope and authorized uses of social media:

    Army Regulation 360-1, The Army Public Affairs Program

    • Chapter 8 – Digital Media Management and Publications* for Social Media guidance

    Army Guidance Memos

    • 17 June 2009: Use of Social Media in the Army
    • 27 August 2009: Use of Social Media Tools

    • 1 November 2010: Standardizing official U.S. Army external official presences (social media)
        All U.S. Army EOPs, to include pages on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogs and any other platform must adhere to the following standards:
        1. must be categorized as a government page
        2. include the Commander approved names and logos (i.e. 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division [Family Readiness]), not nickname nor mascot (i.e. not the “dragons”)
        3. branding (official name and logos) across all social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) are uniform
        4. include a statement acknowledging this is the “official [Facebook] page of [enter your unit or organizations name here] [Family Readiness]”
        5. Facebook pages must default to the “Just [your unit or organization’s]” on the wall (Do this by selecting “edit page,” then “manage permissions.” Drop down under the “wall tabs page” and select “only post by page”). This results in command information being the first and primary thing on the wall, instead of spam and others comments.
        6. Facebook pages must include “Posting Guidelines” under the “Info Tab.” Use the U.S. Army’s Facebook policy as a reference and/or visit the DoD Social Media user agreement at:
        7. be recent and up-to-date. Post must not be older than one month.
        8. adhere to Operations Security guidelines. FRSAs/FRG leaders should provide all page administrators and FRG members with the U.S. Army Social Media OPSEC presentation and the FBI Briefing on Identity Theft located on the U.S. Army’s slideshare site at should not be used as a place for personal advertisement nor endorsement
        9. All pages must be registered through the U.S. Army at

        For social media education and training, visit: Further information, instruction, techniques, etc. can be found at

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