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Standardized Procedures for Visitor Satisfaction Surveys at Corps of Engineer Projects

Effective 01 July 2004

    Visitor satisfaction is expected to be one of four recreation performance measures used in the FY 2007 performance-based budget process for the Corps of Engineers Recreation Program. As part of this process, FY 2007 budget requests associated with some work packages must be supported by performance data on visitor satisfaction obtained using a standardized survey process. The tools and procedures presented here were developed to assist project personnel in planning and executing these surveys.

    Using these tools and procedures, project personnel will be able to generate a sampling plan and execute a survey that will provide a project-wide characterization of visitor satisfaction during designated high-use months. The survey will include a probability draw of 20 sampling periods specifying the recreation areas and days on which sampling will take place. For each sampling period, a sample of eight completed comment cards will be obtained from recreation visitors. The total sample size for the survey will be 160 completed comment cards. Survey personnel will then be able to enter comment card responses into a database associated with Rec-BEST, and from there obtain a summary report of the survey results.

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Updated: October 12, 2004