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Online Data Entry

    All visitor satisfaction data collected during the July 2004 - April 2005 survey period that is intended for use in the FY 2007 budget process must be entered into Rec-BEST by 01 May 2005.

    You can enter comment card survey data for a project:

    • At the end of the survey, all at one time.
    • Periodically, after completing one or more sampling periods.

    To access the comment card data entry program, go to the Rec-BEST website, log in, and then select Visitor Satisfaction Data Entry.

    Note: The Rec-BEST data entry system was not operational until July 15, 2004, although it allowed data to be entered. Any data entered prior to July 15, 2004 was not retained by Rec-BEST and must be re-entered.


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Updated: June 21, 2004