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Survey Instruments: Acquiring Customer Comment Cards

    A supply of comment cards can be obtained in two ways.

  • You can print them yourself using the electronic card images provided below. These survey forms have been authorized for use under the authority of OMB approval 0701-0001, which expires 30 November 2005. The image files use a high-resolution Adobe Acrobat Reader format that is compatible with most personal computer printers.

  • Check with your procurement office for approved methods of obtaining printing services. If allowed under your procurement rules, you can have the cards printed by a commercial printing shop. Ace Printing and Blueprint Company, Vicksburg, Mississippi is one source for obtaining a supply of 5 x 6-inch, OMB-approved comment cards. Ace Printing will accept telephone orders and payment via government credit card.

    Contact Information: Ace Printing and Blueprint Co.
    Attn: Ms Margaret Rose
    P.O. Box 820552
    Vicksburg, MS 39182-0255
    Phone: 601-636-8503
    Fax: 601-636-8523

    Cost, excluding shipping:
    (In effect as of 07 June 2004)
    400 cards


    1. If you will be conducting an FY2004-2005 visitor satisfaction survey to obtain performance data for use in the FY 2007 performance budgeting process, you will need approximately 200 comment cards to obtain 160 completed survey cards.

    2. The comment card may be revised within the next year. We recommend that you purchase only the number you expect to use in the coming year.

    3. Due to the significant discount for large quantities, you may wish to consolidate card purchases among several projects, when feasible.


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