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Migratory Birds

Many bird species migrate in order to survive. These migratory birds are important for many reasons. They keep systems in balance. They are a major link in the food chain. They pollinate plants, disperse seeds, scavenge carcasses, eat insects, and recycle nutrients back into the earth.

Migration is a perilous journey and involves a wide range of threats. Human activities are the source for most dangers migrating birds are exposed to. As diverse as people and their habits are, so are the threats that migratory birds face. Loss of habitat is the main threat, as migratory birds are dependent on finding suitable breeding and wintering grounds as well as stopover sites along their flyways where they can rest and feed. The loss of any of these sites used by birds during their annual cycle could have a dramatic impact on their chances of survival.

USACE lands, waters and activities have the potential to have significant positive or negative impacts on migratory birds. This page provides details on policy, regulations and committees that protect migratory birds, as well as, resources, initiatives and opportunities that USACE can partake in to help protect and benefit migratory birds.

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