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    Raptor Information System
    The Raptor Information System (RIS) is a computerized literature retrieval system. It deals with raptor management, human impacts on raptors, the mitigation of adverse impacts, and basic raptor biology (with an emphasis on population dynamics and predation).

    RIS is a keyworded catalog of over 40,000 references about the biology and management of birds of prey. To find articles of interest, you can search by author, title, keyword, year of publication or any combination of the above. You can search for articles on a particular raptor species by asking for the genus and the species or by referring to an extensive species keyword list. You can search for one of approximately 150 special management topics or for any of approximately 4,000 general keywords.

    The RIS may be the largest collection of literature on birds of prey found anywhere in the world, with approximately 40,000 references on raptor biology and management. RIS staff members regularly update the files and accompanying database with recently published and/or newly acquired references on raptors. The collection includes reprints of published papers as well as a significant amount of "gray literature" in the form of popular articles, theses, dissertations, unpublished government reports, and progress reports.

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