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Michael (Mike) Riegert
Michael (Mike) Riegert took on the role of the Environmental Compliance, Sustainability and Energy Program Manager for Civil Works with the HQUSACE Natural Resources Branch of the Operations and Regulatory Division effective 25 May 2020. Prior to this role, he participated in the Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Career Assignment Program (ECS-CAP), acting in his current role for four months plus 6 months in the developmental assignment role. He is responsible for the Corps’ Environmental Compliance, Sustainability and Energy programs for Civil Works, including coordination of Environmental Compliance program with MSCs and Districts through the ERGO CPTrack system; national sustainability budget development, evaluation, and justification; tracking and management of energy program through the Corps of Engineers Reduced and Abridged FEMP tool (CRAFT) and Energy Independence Security Act Compliance tracking system (EISA-CTS); policy review and updates; strategic planning; and environmental compliance and sustainability portion of the remaining items. Here is some biographical information to help everyone get to know Mike.

A Farewell from Steve Austin - after 45 years of service
The Natural Resources Management Program was recently celebrated by many USACE leaders, including Mr. Alvin Lee, Director of Civil Works, who said "When you go to our recreation areas, the park rangers are the face to the Corps, providing essential services to the public, and thats very important." Mr. Thomas Smith, Chief of Operations and Readiness Division, commented, in reference to the 250 million annual visitors, "all they want to do is come to a beautiful place and have an enjoyable experience  and they are doing that under the architect and framework provided by our park rangers." Mr. Mike Ensch, former Chief of Operations and Readiness, said, in relation to the early park ranger surveys, "he (Steve) put his heart and soul and drew the conscience of the field into the findings of those surveys," Mr. Jeff Krause, Chief of Natural Resources Management (NRM), who does an incredible job in supporting the NRM program, provided the platform, upon which to recognize both "he" and our program.
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2020 NRM Awards

  • Outdoor Recreation Roundtable Legends Award - Patti Williams
  • Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence - Amanda L. Kruse
  • Excellence in Partnerships Award - Sesser-Valier Outdoorsmen Club
  • National Water Safety Employee Award - Juanita Souther, John H. Kerr Lake
  • National Water Safety Team Award - Huntington District Water Safety Team
  • Natural Resources Management Employee of the Year - Matthew H. Palmer
  • Full List

  • Every Kid Outdoors


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     Black Dot Image 04/23/21 - Webinar - Implementing SF 299
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     Black Dot Image 04/08/21 - Webinar - Water Safety Update
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     Black Dot Image 06/16/21 2019-2020 National Water Safety Photo Contest Winners Announcement
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     Black Dot Image 05/26/21 2021 Water Safety Message to Commanders
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     Black Dot Image July 5 - Independence Day Holiday for Federal Employees
     Black Dot Image July 7 - Webinar - Mitigation of Internal Nutrient Loads in Drinking Water Sources
     Black Dot Image July 14 - Webinar - Harmful Algae Management
     Black Dot Image July 19 - 23, 2021 Prospect NRM 147 (Visitor Assistance)
     Black Dot Image July 20 - Webinar - The Habitat Matrix - Stepping Down Bird Management from Landscape to Stand
     Black Dot Image July 21 - Webinar - From Intake to Tap
     Black Dot Image August 17 - Webinar - Stand Level Management: Desired Forest Conditions, Structure and Composition
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