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Annual Joint Management Meeting, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/State of West Virginia

Ranger David Scragg educates ATV riders on the rules and regulations of ATV riding at East Lynn Lake.
Resource Manager Mike Smith points out where ATV riding in permissible and prohibited. Significant compliance has been achieved with the “partnering” efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and West Virginia Dept. of Natural Resources.

Lake: All projects in West Virginia

Partners: USACE; West Virginia Department of Natural Resources; West Virginia Department of Parks

Partnership Type: Management Meeting of Lessees with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Corps POC: Operations Manager Michael Burke, Kanawha Area, Summersville, WV

Story: In 1957, the first annual Joint Management Meeting between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State of West Virginia was held. Each year thereafter the agencies have met and discussed issues of common interest at each of the projects. Team members from each agency, at two or three lakes in close proximity, meet to discuss issues and concerns at their projects. This partnership has created and maintained a close relationship between the agencies. Any issues that require input from all the agencies can be discussed together in less time and with less effort. One example of an issue discussed was the ATV concerns at East Lynn Lake. A mutual plan of action was developed which included meeting with the local and federal magistrates to ensure they were aware of the problem, posting signs, developing a map for ATV riders showing prohibited and permissible riding areas, developing news releases for the local media, and enforcement. These measures led to heightened awareness of where ATV traffic is permissible and obtained significant compliance by the riders. Although this is an ongoing issue, great strides have been made in educating the visitors on where to ride and creating a safe environment. This is just one of many issues discussed over the last 46 years. Traditionally, only the lake projects participated but in recent years the Lock and Dam lockmasters have attended and taken part in the meeting.

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