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    The following information was provided by NRM team members in response to an informal call to share their experience on a variety of topics. This information generally reflects a local or regional policy perspective and experience. It has not been reviewed or approved by headquarters, and does not reflect national policy. It is designed to provide a communication thread across the agency. Vendors or products described do not constitute an endorsement of the product, but simply reflect field experience. Contact your District POC for clarification of related local policies prior to implementation. Seek local assistance to ensure competitiveness in contracting and program execution.

    25 July 2014
    Q: Is there anyone still running the junior ranger program? I'm interested in talking to people who are still running the program.

    Luci Meador Student Park Ranger Lake Washington Ship Canal Seattle District NWS 206 789-2622 Ext. (217)

    A: 07/25/14 - Luci:

    The Illinois Waterway Visitor Center is still running Junior Ranger program. We have a Park Ranger go into local schools, fifth grade level, for one hour a week for five weeks. Each class then goes through a graduation program where we talk water safety, then award them patches and certificates. Most classes are still able to come to the VC for graduation; a few schools have cut out field trips and we then go the graduation at the school.

    This Fiscal Year, we have completed the program in 15 classes in the area.

    For more details, please call or email Kathy Higdon, 815-667-4054

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