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14 November 2007

Articles for this issue

  1. RecStatus
  2. New Environmental Stewardship Gateway Sections
  3. Corps Commander Expresses Support for Agency Recreation Efforts


RecStatus is a new annual business line report available to the Corps-only audience on the NRM Gateway. RecStatus was developed without a data call by pulling information from existing sources, including OMBIL, NRRS, and RecBEST.

RecStatus features include:

  • Consistent presentation of project information
  • Stand alone report
  • Easy one-click access point for detailed information on various items (addition of item drill-ins is on-going)
  • Benchmarking tool for managers
  • Project values relative to others
  • % change from previous year's information
  • Back-check for OMBIL and other data sources
  • District, Division and National views (to be added in the future)

RecStatus currently displays FY 2006 information, the majority of which is from OMBIL. Be sure to check the (information) button on the various section headers for definitions of the items displayed.

For your action as you review your project(s) information:

  • If you find error messages on your project(s) pages please email Virginia Dickerson with the text and location of the error.
  • If you see information that is different from what you believe is the actual value, first please confirm what is in OMBIL for your project. If there is a discrepancy in what you currently have in OMBIL for FY 2006 and what is being displayed in RecStatus, please send an email to Virginia Dickerson with a copy to Bonnie Bryson with details of the discrepancy. They will then check the raw data files and coordinate corrections in the next data download from the OMBIL contractor.
  • Please correct any OMBIL discrepancies you discover by 31 December 2007. This will insure that your RecStatus information will be corrected in the January 2008 OMBIL data download.
  • Please forward any general comments and suggested improvements for RecStatus to Bonnie Bryson.

New Environmental Stewardship Gateway Sections

Forest & Woodland Management
The USACE is the steward of nearly 12 million acres of public lands and waters in 43 states. Maintaining healthy and sustainable forests & woodlands is vitally important in providing quality habitat for wildlife, protecting and improving water quality, maintaining ecological diversity, and providing quality lands and water for public enjoyment and use. The newly posted Forest & Woodland Management web pages provide information about goals of forest management, management tools, pest management, best management practices and much more. The Forest & Woodland Management web pages are located at

Bird Initiative
The USACE's large land and water base provides habitat for many species of birds throughout 43 states. More than 20 USACE projects have been identified as Important Bird Areas, underlining the significance of many of these lands. These projects maintain a wealth of riparian areas adjacent to lakes, streams, and rivers. These streamside and lakeside habitats are known to be an important landscape feature for migrant and resident bird species throughout the country. Find out more about the various species of birds that inhabit USACE projects by visiting the Bird Initiative web pages. The Bird Initiative pages provide information about various types of birds, birding information, Important Bird Areas, habitat restoration opportunities and much more. Visit the Bird Initiative web pages at

Geographic Information System
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has expanded rapidly and is being integrated into most USACE business lines. The GIS portion of the NRM Gateway is designed to be a resource for both the novice and advanced GIS user. Resources on USACE and federal policies, data downloads, training opportunities, and online mapping sites from other federal land management agencies are provided to enhance the stewardship of USACE natural resources. The GIS web pages are located at

Invasive Species Leadership Team
Invasive species are extremely destructive to native habitats and wildlife; in fact invasive species are second only to development in destructive nature to the US natural areas. Invasive species are a serious threat to biodiversity and are responsible for an estimated $138 billion each year in environmental, agricultural, and human health costs in the U.S.

In order to combat invasive species on USACE owned and operated lands and waters, the Invasive Species Leadership Team (ISLT) was formed to address invasive species issues. The ISLT has developed web pages for the NRM Gateway to share information about the team objectives, vision, members, meetings and relevant policies and procedures. Check back periodically to see the new information posted on this site. The ISLT is working to develop more information for the web pages located at

E-S Net
Need an innovative solution for a management problem at your project related to environmental stewardship? Post your problem on the E-S Network to see if someone has the right management solution for your problem. The E-S Network was recently added to the NRM Gateway and provides an avenue for USACE employees across the nation to work together to develop innovative solutions and share ideas to solve common problems. The E-S Net is for all Environmental Stewardship Management topics.

Corps Commander Expresses Support for Agency Recreation Efforts

General Robert Van Antwerp, the Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), recently led a discussion on opportunities to strengthen the agency's recreation program. American Recreation Coalition President, Derrick Crandall, who participated in the discussion, said, "There is no doubt in my mind that the Corps can contribute meaningfully to protecting the nation's health and safety by increasing recreational activities across the nation." General Van Antwerp sought advice of the recreation community representatives for the next steps and received a range of proposals.

Go to for the full story.

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