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5 November 2008

Articles for this issue

  1. Park Ranger Community of Practice (CoP)
  2. Invasive Species
  3. SmartBook Improvements
  4. Corps Photo Album

Park Ranger Community of Practice (CoP)

Tara Whitsel, Park Ranger, Park Ranger CoP Advisory Board Member

PARK RANGERS - Here is your chance! A new CoP was recently launched within the Natural Resources Management Gateway that is devoted to park rangers. The site contains beneficial information for every park ranger, from the new hire to the seasoned veteran. This CoP functions as a "one-stop-shop" for Park Ranger needs within the Gateway.

Right-now your help is needed. We are asking YOU what you think are the 3 most positive and negative aspects of the USACE Park Ranger Program as part of our "3-Up and 3-Down Survey". Once completed, this will help us identify the issues that matter and impact you.

Check out the Park Ranger Gateway - Specific features include:

  • Park Ranger Chat - Free flowing discussion forum.
  • Park Ranger Smart Book - Be sure to check out your entry. If you are not listed, be sure to add yourself.
  • People section to highlight awards and rangers in action
  • Career, News, Policy information

Be sure to visit

Invasive Species

Invasive species are a serious threat to USACE lands and waters. A species alert online reporting form has been added to the NRM Gateway to improve sharing of information about new invasive species on our projects. To report a new invasive species go to and complete the online form. Once the alert is complete it will be posted on the Invasive Species pages. The alert provides an avenue to share information about new invasions, impacts and management.

SmartBook Improvements

The SmartBooks have recently been improved. They contain contact information and listings of individuals and teams responsible for various program areas. In order for the system to be useful, it is necessary for individuals to submit, review and correct their contact information and program responsibilities. The SmartBooks are only accessible from an official office ( computer and are not available to the general public, due to privacy considerations.

Users have been given the ability to edit their full entry: contact information and where applicable, their role as a Project, District, or Division program or national team representative. You can also "add" yourself to the SmartBooks if you are not currently listed.

There are 3 different SmartBooks:

  • The NRM Smartbook is for Division and District POCs and lake level representatives on national teams.

  • The Park Ranger Smartbook is for the professional uniformed team members (including but not limited to 0099, 0025, 0028, 0400 job series) who perform, manage, or supervise work in the stewardship of Federal lands, waters, and park resources at Corps operated and maintained water resources projects.

  • The OPM Smartbook is for Operations Project Managers, eg those who serve as the team leader for project staff and and are the single point of contact for routine O&M activities on either a single large multipurpose Corps project or a number of smaller or single-purpose projects.

    Go to to check your SmartBook entry. If your name is missing, please be sure to "add" your information to the appropriate SmartBook.

    Corps Photo Album

    All the photos collected this year have been used to create a Corps Photo Album for the website. These photos help market your lake's areas and activities, and are available to others for use in presentations, etc. Please continue to send photos of your lake, community events, outdoor education, visitors, and various activities including biking, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, and camping.

    Photo Specifics - What to Send Us:
    High Quality Photos only!
    PLEASE, CHECK for PROPER UNIFORM, signage, etc in photo!

    Types of photos required - DIGITAL ONLY!

    • Recent vs. Dated photos
    • Activity photos
    • Event photos
    • Partnership photos
    • Celebration, dedication photos

    You must follow your District policy involving PAO for approval of these photos before you provide them to CorpsLakes.

    Please provide the photo (label it and relate it to the information listed)

    1. Lake name
    2. Photographer
    3. Area or campsite name if applicable
    4. Description - include if partner, disabilities, etc.
    5. Photo - high quality - JPG, GIF, or TIFF
    6. Please provide us with electronic copy of any necessary release forms

    Email to - 10 MEG Limit per email, multiple emails permitted!

    Don't forget to get photograph waivers from people

    Please visit Option=Start&Id=0&Activity=None to view all the wonderful submissions!

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