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    This survey was sent to 267 natural resources managers of Corps of Engineers water resources development project(s) that received at least 100,000 recreation visits in 1999. These managers were responsible for recreation management programs on 344 of the 456 projects that offer recreation opportunities to the public.

    The survey was announced to Corps Division and District commands in a June 2000 letter from the Chief, Operations Division, Office of Deputy Commanding General for Civil Works. A follow-up notification was sent in September 2000 to Corps District natural resource management staff identifying the project natural resource managers who would be sent the survey. The latter notification provided an opportunity to adjust the survey distribution list for recent changes in project staffing.

    The survey was sent by e-mail in October 2000 to each of the 267 Corps natural resource managers. Second and third requests to complete the survey were sent to non-respondents in December 2000 and February 2001, respectively. Surveys received not later than 19 March 2001 were included in the results.

    The survey instrument was sent to project managers as a web link in the e-mail distribution message. Managers were asked to either complete the survey themselves, or if more appropriate, forward it to a project staff member who was thoroughly familiar with recreation and natural resources management on the project.

    The survey was administered by a private company specializing in market survey tools and services. The survey instrument resided on the company's web server. Respondents could complete the survey on the Internet or download a copy of it, fill it out by hand, and fax it back to the survey administrator. Managers who were unable to complete the survey process over the Internet or by fax were sent a hard copy of the instrument by mail. These individuals completed the survey by hand, and returned it in a pre-addressed mailer. The survey administrator prepared an electronic data set containing all of the survey responses.


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Updated: April 11, 2003