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Stewardship Webinar Series

Stewardship Webinar Series is recommended by the Stewardship Advisory Team as a way to communicate with the field on what Stewardship is and what we are doing across the Corps. The webinar is presented either monthly or every two month.


  • Aug 28: Facilities and Capabilities of the ERDC's LAERF (Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility), Lewisville, TX Lynde Dodd, CERP, Research Biologist
  • Apr 2: Friends of Reservoirs Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership Jeff Boxrucker


  • May 15: Shoreline Management Software Demo and Discussion Jeremy Crossland
  • Feb 22: Inventory, Monitoring, and Research Efforts for NRM on DoD Installations and USACE Project Lands Mike Guilfoyle, Kevin Philley


  • Nov 7: Adventure Scientist, Nina Hadley Nina Hadley
  • Nov 7: ENS Assistance Options Jeremy Crossland
  • Sep 7: EDDMapS Chuck Bargeron, Jon S. Lane
  • Jun 21: UAS Application and Policy Victor Wilhelm, Jacksonville District
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