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Recreation Roadmap Banner

Long-term Recreation Strategic Plan

    Key Action:
    To provide the framework for future direction, program modifications and long-term guidance for the Corps of Engineers National Recreation Program.

    How It Will Work:
    The Long Term Recreation Strategic Plan PDT has spent the past year examining and evaluating the needs and abilities of the Corps of Engineers Recreation Program along with current trends and fiscal realities faced by the Corps. The team is developing a plan that considers the national and regional mixes of recreational opportunities provided at Corps recreation areas; levels of service; accumulation of uncompleted non-recurring, non-routine maintenance; the long term prospect that budgets will not keep pace with inflation, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions.

    A comprehensive strategy to transform the Corps Recreation program and position it for the future.

    What does the Strategic Plan mean for me?

  • The recreation program is facing change from internal and external forces that will modify how we do business. This is a priority of Mike Ensch's. It is real and not just another exercise.
  • These changes will affect all involved in the recreation program.
  • We need to anticipate the known and become flexible and adaptive to handle the unknown.
  • We need to prepare our programs, staff and customers for these changes.
  • Input from the field has been a vital part of the process.
  • The finalized plan will be implemented in FY 11 for immediate use as applicable and in FY 13 budget development and beyond.

    See the FAQ’s for additional information about the Long Term Recreation Strategic Plan.

    Project Status:

  • PDT is finalizing goals, objectives and proposed actions.
  • A series of briefs will be scheduled with leadership.
  • This long-term strategic plan is scheduled for completion in FY 11 for immediate use as applicable and in FY 13 budget development and beyond.

    Summary of Input Opportunities:

  • The Strategic Plan PDT has sought the input of the NRM community and communicated with other Teams to seek their input on the plan as well as future implementation of strategic tactics.
  • A survey form was used to obtain input during the NRM conference and through 31 March 2010. This input has been used in the development of the draft goals, objectives and actions.
  • Summary of Input received
  • All input received Part I | Part II
  • Session presented at NRM Conference on Thursday 18 March 2010
  • PowerPoint Version
  • PDF Version

    Project Delivery Team
    If you have questions or comments on the Strategic Planning process, please feel free to contact any of the PDT members

  • Tim D. Dunn, LRN, PDT Chair
  • Sean P. Harper, SWL
  • Kevin L. Paff, NWD
  • Dana O. Coburn, SWL
  • Diane L. Stratton, LRL
  • Paul J. Pence, NWW
  • Joseph P. Faloretti, NAE
  • Dustin L. Wilson, MVK
  • Ryan D. Hartwig, SAS
  • Jonathan R. Friedman, SPK
  • Nicholas S. Baggett, SAM
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