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Cooperative Agreement Policy & Procedures

Cooperative Agreement - Policy & Procedures

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    Public Laws (P.L.)

    • 33 USC 2339, WRDA 2000, Sec 213, Assistance Programs
      Authorizes the use of cooperative agreements to transfer funds to non-federal or nonprofit entities for services relating to natural resources conservation or recreation management both on and off Corps lands that involve programs fulfilling educational or training purposes.
    • Implementation Guidance Memo for WRRDA 2014 1047e, August 31, 2015
    • WRRDA 2014, Sec 1031(b), Cooperative Agreements with Indian Tribes
      Authorizes the use of cooperative agreements to transfer funds to Indian Tribes or a designated representative of an Indian tribe to carry out authorized activities of the Corps of Engineers to protect fish, wildlife, water quality, and cultural resources.
    • Implementation Guidance Memo for WRRDA 2014 1031(b), August 3, 2016
    • 41 USC 501, 95-224, Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977
      This act set forth requirements to use cooperative agreements and grants to transfer funds to non-Federal entities, but did not provide authority by itself to enter into an agreement.

    • 7 USC 2814, Federal Noxious Weed Act- Management of Undesirable Plants on Federal Lands
      Authorizes Federal agencies to complete and implement cooperative agreements with State agencies regarding the management of undesirable plant species on Federal lands under the agency's jurisdiction.

    • 16 USC 661, Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
      Authorizes the Department of Interior to provide assistance to and cooperate with Federal, State, and public or private agencies and organizations in the development, protection, rearing, and stocking of all species of wildlife and their habitat, in controlling losses from disease or other causes, in minimizing damages from overabundant species, in providing public shooting and fishing areas, including easements across public lands for access, and in carrying out other measures necessary. Also authorizes Interior to make surveys and investigations of wildlife of the public domain, including lands and waters controlled by any agency of the United States.

    • P.L. 101-511 Section 8120, Legacy Resource Management Program
      Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to establish the Legacy Resource Management Program to promote stewardship of natural and cultural resources. Legacy projects demonstrate innovative techniques for the management, conservation, and preservation of resources. Legacy benefits include creative partnerships with worthwhile causes; rewarding personal experiences; and positive public relations for participating installations and the Army and DOD as a whole. Public Law 103-139, Title 11, November 11, 1993 107 Stat. 1425 (Legacy Resources Act) provided in part that: "Notwithstanding the provisions of the Federal Cooperative Grant and Agreements Act of 1977 (31 USC 6303-6308), the Department of Defense may hereafter negotiate and enter into cooperative agreements and grants with public and private agencies, organizations, institutions, individuals, or other entities to implement the purposes of the Legacy Resource Management Program."

    • 16 USC 594, Protection of Timber Owned by the US from Fire, Disease, or Insect Ravage
      Authorizes the Department of Interior to protect and preserve timber owned by the United States upon public lands, national parks, national monuments, Indian reservation, or other lands under the jurisdiction of the DOI from fire, disease, beetles, or other insects. This can be done directly or in cooperation with other Federal Government departments, States, or other owners of timber.

    • 10 USC 2358, Research and Development Projects
      Authorized the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a military department to engage in basic research, applied research, advanced research, and development projects.

    • 31 USC 6301-08, Using Procurement Contracts and Grant and Cooperative Agreements
      Amended the FGCAA of 1977

    Policy Memos


    Other Policy

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