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OMBIL - Environmental Compliance

Headquarters POC

The Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL) is a web-based business information gateway that allows Corps employees easy access to information about the Operations and Maintenance program. The OMBIL system concept originated from the Operations and Maintenance Plan of Improvement. One of the key system objectives is to maintain one-time data entry. The purpose of OMBIL is to provide the data and information requirements for program and project management at all organizational levels. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) corporate management information can be accessed through the OMBIL Web page. The OMBIL system can be used to maintain and track O&M business information. The OMBIL system can also be used to view summaries related to O&M activities, output, resources, and performance.

OMBIL contains modules for each business function, which currently include Navigation (including Locks & Dredging), Hydropower, Recreation, Environmental Stewardship (including Natural Resources & Environmental Compliance), Flood Damage Reduction, and Regulatory. Each business function identified its own data needs and provided advice and assistance in the development of its specific OMBIL module. Initial development of the environmental compliance module was led by a business function workgroup (BFWG). The BFWG was comprised of ECCs from the project, District, and Division levels; with one HQ proponent, to assure that the needs of all users were addressed during development. The environmental compliance module was deployed in August 1999. Data requirements may change in the future as the will be evaluated periodically to enhance its capability to meet existing as well as new requirements.

OMBIL environmental compliance module is the mandatory environmental compliance data management system for:

  • Environmental compliance assessments (internal & external)
  • Findings resulting from assessments
  • Corrective actions
  • Regulatory actions
  • Storage tanks
  • EPCRA status
  • Hazardous waste generator status

Data entry requires user registration and is password controlled. Individuals responsible for data entry may request passwords by e-mailing the following information to Full name; Office symbol; Mailing address; Phone number; E-mail address; Business Area to be accessed (multiple areas can be specified, e.g. Environmental Compliance & Natural Resources); Default Division, District, Project Site.

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