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Partnerships and Volunteers

    The focus of the Partnerships and Volunteers Training Track is to provide an opportunity to learn about best practices in partnership and volunteer program management, build your partnership capacity, share success stories, participate in grant writing exercises, and hear from some of our partners.

    Breakout Sessions will include:

    • Building Partnership Capacity
    • Partnering Trends and Demographics
    • Grants: How to get other people's money
    • Federal Highways Grants
    • Cooperative Agreements with Universities: Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Units
    • Handshake Partnership Program
    • Handshake Application Workshop (hands-on exercise)
    • Corps Foundation: What can they do for you?
    • Partnering with the Corps Foundation Workshop (hands-on exercise)
    • How to Start a Cooperating Association Toolkit
    • Partnership Roundtable
    • Partnerships in OMBIL
    • Volunteer Roundtable
    • Conducting Special Events with Partners

    Team Members:

    • Heather Burke, HQ (Team Lead)
    • Miriam Fleming, SAM
    • Allen Gwinn, NAB
    • Titus Hardiman, SWL
    • Taylor Q. Johnson-Saia, SPK
    • Heath Kruger, NWK
    • Alana Mesenbrink, NWS
    • Chris Rapenchuk, LRL
    • Stacy Sigman, MVK
    • Allison Walker, LRN
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