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Miscellaneous Training Track

    The focus of the Miscellaneous Training Track is to touch on the random topics that dont fit the mold of the other tracks. There will be an emphasis on career development. The team hopes to provide offerings on resume writing, interview skills and techniques, and the importance of being on district/regional/national teams.

    Current session suggestions as of October 2016:

    • What is a Park Ranger/Natural Resource Specialist (Ranger Image) - Uniform Discussion, Professional Image, Desk Work vs Field, time management, New Reality of Park Ranger - 21st Century Ranger
    • Resume Writing - Panel Discussion
    • Interview Techniques - Panel Discussion
    • Hiring Strategies and Pitfalls (Rec or Misc Track?) - Pathways, Career Ladder Gap, Incentives, Tuition Reimbursements
    • Technology Innovations - WiFi, Tablets, Apps, iPhones
    • WiFi - Parks currently using WiFi
    • CISM - What is CSIM, Deployment Examples, How to Request
    • Asset Management/FEM - NRM Role in AM/FEM, Time dedicated to AM/FEM
    • Career Development Opportunities - Panel Discussion - OPM CoP, HQ NRM & ECC CAP, Temp Details - 0025/0401, Journeyman NR Specialist = GS-11
    • Prioirty Training Planning/ Useful Certifications - Prioritizing training opportunties - Uselful membership certifications
    • UAV's/Drones - New Policies, Capabilities of Drones, Jacksonville UAV capabilities, Public usage of Drones
    • Awards - Preparing, Volunteer Awards, Employee Awards, Scheduling Awards, Value of Awards
    • EDW Basics - How to create easy data pulls
    • Law Enforcement Contracts
    • Pathways Program
    • Things the government will do for you - Incentives, Tuition Reimbursement, wage negotiation
    • Time Management - how to management admin work - Timelines/Deadlines for deadlines, trainings, contracts, OMBIL, etc
    • How to be a 21st Century Ranger - New Reality, Time Management

    Team Members:

    • Brian Nail, MVR (Team Lead)
    • Patti Williams, NWD (Team Lead)
    • Jim Jacobson, NWS
    • David White, SWD
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