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Crowdsourcing with Web Maps to support Collaboration & Public Engagement

Anne Baker, CPCX; Alex Hoxie, LRC; and Andrea Carson, LRP
7 August 2018

    Find out how to use tools for crowdsourcing with web maps to support public engagement in your district. This webinar highlights applications of these tools to a dredged material management plan and master planning efforts. Feature cases include:

    Alex Hoxsie, Planner/Landscape Architect of Chicago District, will discuss the pilot application of tools for crowdsourcing with web maps to support public engagement related to the Calumet Harbor and River/Chicago Area Waterway System Dredged Material Management Plan.

    Andrea Carson, Community Planner/Collaboration Specialist of Pittsburgh District, will share further insights on the scoping process currently underway for similar pilot efforts for master planning.

    This webinar focuses on ArcGIS online tools including Crowdsource Reporter. Info on related tools and methods gathered by the Collaboration and Public Participation Community of Practice (CPPCoP) Collaborative Technology work group will be also be provided.

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