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Which Projects Should Participate In This Survey?

    Beginning in 2008 the requirements for conducting Comment Card surveys have been adjusted to make it mandatory for projects to conduct surveys only every third year. Please see the most current memorandum for details. Since the surveys are scheduled based on the seasons for a 3-month period starting from April-May-June and ending on March-April-May, basically the schedules for the next six years should reflect as follows:

  • 2017-18 (April to May)  Optional
  • 2018-19 (April to May)  Mandatory
  • 2019-20 (April to May)  Optional
  • 2020-21 (April to May)  Optional
  • 2021-22 (April to May)  Mandatory
  • 2022-23 (April to May)  Optional

    The procedures are similar to previous years. A new life jacket logo has been added to the back of the card to help promote water safety. Survey Schedule Generator has been updated to reflect the current data.

    The following exceptions are in effect for day-use and camping recreation areas:

  • Surveys should not be conducted at projects on which there are no Corps-managed recreation areas.

  • Survey participation is optional for:
    • Projects with fewer than 50,000 annual visits at CE-managed recreation areas.
    • Projects on which every Corps-managed recreation area receives fewer than 5,000 annual visits.
    • Projects that had a total recreation budget of less than $50K in the last fiscal year.

    Projects that meet the criteria for optional participation will have the opportunity to opt out of the survey when they run the Survey Schedule Generator.

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