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Steering Committee Members

This page contains contact information about the Natural Resource Management Career Development Steering Committee (NRMCDSC). The committee is currently comprised of individuals representing each Division, and a committee chair who does not represent a Division. The Division member may typically work in a Division, District, or field office. In the year 2000, to ensure that maintenance and clerical personnel had representation, the Charter of the committee was changed to reflect administrative and maintenance representation.

Committee members typically serve through six meetings (approximately 3 years). Committee members working on a long-term project may be replaced on the committee, but be retained as an ad hoc committee member to achieve continuity for the project. Below is a current listing of committee members and their Division representation.

The NRM Career Development Program (CECW-ON) Proponent is Steve Austin. Steve provides guidance, policy, and information to the committee, and represents our program in Headquarters.

NRMCDSC Members & Positions

Committee Member Location and Position Organization Appointed
Marilyn K. Jones Chairperson, Operations Project Manager (Supervisory Natural Resources Program Manager, 0401) (Field) Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes Project, Baltimore District, North Atlantic Division FY99
Janet Lewis Park Ranger, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (Field) Coralville Lake Project, Rock Island District, Mississippi Valley Division FY11
Christopher "Scott" Hannah Park Ranger, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (Field) Burnsville Lake, Huntington District, Great Lakes and Ohio River Division FY11
Vincent Gualteiri Park Manager, (Supervisory Natural Resources Management Specialist, 0401) (Field) Naugatuck River Basin - Thomaston/Black Rock/Northfield Lakes, New England District, North Atlantic Division FY10
Harold "Mike" Key Recreation Business Line Manager, (Natural Resources Specialist, 0401) (District) Omaha District, North Western Division FY11
Adam Tarplee Natural Resources Program Manager, (0401) (District), Jacksonville District, West Palm Beach Restoration Office, South Atlantic Division FY10
Benjamin Bremer Chief, Operations and Maintenance Branch, (Supervisory Civil Engineering Techician) (Field) Mountain Home Project Office, Little Rock District, Southwestern Division FY10
Renee Stacey Budget Analyst, (0560) (Field) Table Rock Project Office, Little Rock District, Southwestern Division FY10
Phil Deffenbaugh Park Manager, (0025) (Field) Terminus Dam/Lake Kaweah, Sacramento District, South Pacific Division FY09
James Murphy Recreation Business Line Manager, (Outdoor Recreation Planner, 0401) (Field) Trinity Regional Project Office, Fort Worth District, Southwestern Division FY09
Stephen B. Austin Program Coordinator HQUSACE Indefinite

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